Neostella Announces Strategic Partnership with 10K Advisors

Learn more about this new collaboration and the webinar that will kick off our new partnership on July 24th.

New Alliance Will Enhance Work-Relay Implementation Services

Neostella is thrilled to unveil a new strategic partnership with 10K, a premier Salesforce consulting partner. This collaboration aims to elevate the implementation and customization of Neostella’s flagship Salesforce-native product, Work-Relay.

As a member of an exclusive group of Salesforce consulting partners certified by the Work-Relay team, 10K brings unparalleled expertise and insight into maximizing the capabilities of Work-Relay. With years of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem, 10K combines comprehensive platform proficiency with a deep understanding of Work-Relay’s functionalities.

One of the hallmark features of 10K is their innovative business model as the first on-demand consulting partner in the Salesforce ecosystem. This model offers a diverse array of service options, ensuring that each implementation, training engagement, or other service is delivered by the most suitable resources and is meticulously structured to align perfectly with the unique requirements of each customer.

Every interaction with the 10K team to date has been fantastic, and I’m excited to finally announce our partnership.

Jerad Tonn, Director of Global Partnerships

“Every interaction with the 10K team to date has been fantastic, and I’m excited to finally announce our partnership,” said Neostella’s Director of Global Partnerships, Jerad Tonn. “They have a wholly unique business model as a Salesforce consultant, have dedicated a center of excellence to each of their ISV partnerships, and are very well suited to provide great experiences for Work-Relay customers. There are a lot of great things to come for both of our organizations, but especially so for the work we’ll be doing together.”

This strategic partnership represents a significant milestone for both Neostella and 10K, marking the beginning of a collaborative journey focused on driving excellence in Salesforce implementation and customization. “10K’s alliance with Work-Relay opens up immense possibilities for both companies,” said Matt Gvazdinskas, Chief Strategy Officer at 10K. “By coordinating complex workflows, we are in a great position to drive operational efficiency and lower costs for our customers. By leveraging 10K’s on-demand service model, Work-Relay will be able to focus on product innovation and customer success without the distraction of scaling professional services. I’m incredibly excited about the growth prospects this partnership brings.”

One of Neostella and 10K’s first collaborative efforts will take place on July 24. They will host a webinar titled, Effective Product Installation Management – Tips from Salesforce Experts where they will share insights and best practices to help businesses discover ways to effectively manage their complex product installation workflows and projects in Salesforce. For more information or to register for this event, please visit the website.

About 10K

10K is an on-demand Salesforce consultancy designed for modern business. Their vetted experts in architecture, analysis, and consulting can start projects 50% quicker and with less hassle than traditional firms. With no minimum spend or lengthy contracts, 10K offers a more efficient way to accelerate Salesforce innovation. 

Registration for the July webinar is coming soon!

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June 4, 2024

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