Neostella Expert Pens Salesforce Ben Article

It’s no secret that delivering exceptional customer experiences is vital to success, and companies are increasingly investing in advanced technologies to gain insights into customer behavior and preferences. But is that enough?

Our very own Erik Eklund shared his insights in an article he wrote for Salesforce Ben.

A Salesforce Perspective on Customer Experience

Organizations that know how to keep their customers coming back for more have figured out that there is a sweet spot – that magical place where customer data and operational data work in unison. In a recent article posted on Salesforce Ben, Neostella Director of BPM and iPaaS Erik Eklund outlines three steps organizations should take when designing their customer experience strategy.

All the customer insights in the world won’t matter if the product or service doesn’t meet customer specifications or if it isn’t delivered on time.

Erik Eklund, Director of BPM and iPaaS

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June 5, 2024

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