Neostella Unveils Work-Relay Version 7

November 15, 2023


Work Relay

Newest Version Lays the Foundation to Harness AI with Enhanced Analytics and Insights

Neostella is thrilled to announce the release of Work-Relay Version 7,  an important upgrade focused on delivering analytics that will help propel businesses into the era of artificial intelligence. Scheduled for availability on Tuesday, November 7, 2023, Work-Relay Version 7 represents a significant milestone in the digital transformation journey toward AI readiness.

Being intentional and programmatic will be crucial for successfully adopting AI.

Harvard Business Review

Many organizations find themselves struggling with AI adoption and may overlook creating a solid foundational strategy in the rush to jump in. A recent article from Harvard Business Review suggests that “being intentional and programmatic will be crucial for successfully adopting AI”.  Work-Relay Version 7 positions organizations to join the AI revolution with a continued emphasis on digitization of units of work that, once aggregated into workflows, coordinate and accelerate mission-critical operations. With this release, Work-Relay has strengthened four levels of analytics: Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive:

Designed to transform the way businesses operate, Work-Relay Version 7 focuses on coordinating, measuring, and recommending – offering a seamless path from simple task management to full AI integration and ensuring that organizations are prepared for the future.

A major enhancement to Work-Relay, the Version 7 release includes an updated Process Overview that enables managers to access critical process insights from one view, providing enhanced performance measurement, the ability to identify bottlenecks, and advanced filtering with status drill-down capabilities. Other enhancements include enhanced license management and flexible licensing options for infrequent users, both designed to make it easier than ever before for businesses to maximize their usage of Work-Relay to optimize operations.

Work-Relay client, Texas-based Perennials & Sutherland, designs and manufactures custom-made rugs for designers and customers all over the world. “Designers and clients expect schedules to be met and products delivered with exceptional quality and great service, no matter how unique or complex the orders and, especially the weaves, may be,” said Cynthia Rhodes, Operations Manager at Perennials and Sutherland. “Using Work-Relay, Perennials is able to manage the design, order, manufacturing (which is done overseas with 100s of weavers), and shipments – end-to-end – to achieve 100% on-time delivery on our orders.

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