Announcing Work-Relay Version 7.5

Level up your Salesforce documentation with Work-Relay Version 7.5. Featuring the brand new Work-Relay process wizard, the latest version allows users to build and activate well-documented, automated, and measurable Salesforce processes in less than five minutes.

Introducing the Process Wizard

So good it’s practically magic. The new Process Wizard from Work-Relay makes it possible to build and activate a process in Salesforce in less than 5 minutes.

Work-Relay, our Salesforce-native business operations application extends Salesforce beyond CRM using a process model as our backbone. Clients large and small, around the world use Work-Relay to manage their complex work, and we are continuously looking for ways to add value to the app they already love.

With a goal of empowering users with simple, fast process design and digitization, we challenged our engineers to reimagine key process modeling principles with the most streamlined, wizard-assisted concepts so business analysts and business users alike can capitalize on Work-Relay’s speed and simplicity.

We started with the Work-Relay approach to process design, which establishes four key, simple concepts to accelerate the completion of work in a process:

The Objective: What are you trying to accomplish in each step in the process?

The Sequence: In what order should each step be done?

The Resource: Who or what resource should complete each step?

The Time: How long should each step take to complete?

And then created a process wizard that guides business analysts or business users through the design and digitization of those unique business processes. Watch this 2-minute video to see the Process Wizard in action:

See the Process Wizard in Action

Now, with the Salesforce ecosystem’s simplest, fastest process designer, users can create an executable process model for managing the most complex business operations in their organizations, in under five minutes.

More Enhancements

In addition to the new Process Wizard in Work-Relay, we are also excited to announce two additional enhancements to boost the experience and performance:

  • Process History tabs enhancements for greater audit trail insights
    • New ordering and filtering options that allow better navigation and understanding of the Process Instance history – especially for cases involving large history volumes.
    • A new “task assignee change audit” capability to visibly track and display assignee changes.
  • Updated Form Performance for high volume forms requests, especially multi-page and nested forms.
    • A client side data layer using a Lightning Web Component framework, (including caching mechanisms) reduces the amount of requests to the server.
    • A client side caching mechanism minimizes the number of requests to the server to get the data when it’s needed. These enhancements will boost performance for multi-page forms and forms with nested forms.

Ready to see the Process Wizard for yourself? Schedule a quick demo and let’s see if we can add some magic to your processes.

Work Relay


February 6, 2024

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